Privacy Policy

TL;DR We use cookies, we track your actions on this site; we do not rent or sell your personal information; you can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

This is the Simplifilm Privacy Policy. We have this because it’s necessary and mandated by law.

Simplifilm is a DBA of Simplimedia, LLC, a Washington State Limited Liability Company.

What We Do With Your Information:

Not much.

If you comment on the blog, I might email you to say “Hey, thanks” or to finish the conversation. We also might follow up someday with email to see if you’re interested in buying a Simplifilm. You won’t be put on any lists and your information won’t be sold to others. If you enter your email into our “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” form, or another opt-in form in order to download an Ebook or product, you are consenting to your email being added to our Simplifilm Email Newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you enter your email into our “Contact” or “Quote” form, you will be added to our contact list and we will be following up with you via email or phone to schedule an appointment so we can learn about your video needs and put together a Simplifilm Quote Package for you.

How We Get Your Information

Generally, Clicky, WordPress, Adroll, Google, and other third party websites use identifiers to track activity. These identifiers include IP addresses, cookies, tracking pixels, and general website activity. This information may be used to target advertising to you. This information is also transmitted to us so we can see it. To refuse these identifiers, you can set your browser window to Private or opt out of receiving targeted advertising here.

How We Share Information

We don’t share much information. We respect privacy!

If you become a Client and we produce a video for you, once the project is finished and has gone live we’ll post about your amazing company on our social media channels and share the video we make for you YouTube. We love our Clients and will do everything we can to sing their praises and spread the word.

How You Can Remove Or Change Info

Email us or Contact Us using the form. We’ll remove you straightaway – permanently.

How To Get Updated Privacy Info

Check back on this page to see updates.

Last updated: 11/18/2016

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