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Why Every Service Business Needs a Growth Plan:

I’m in year 6 of my company. And in this entire time, we’ve had more good times than bad times. But we’ve had tough times for sure. All of our wounds were self inflicted, due to us not having a growth plan (or a pricing strategy). This post covers both. Times where we had to…

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Victor Antonio, Life Or Debt

Victor was our very first Sizzle Reel Client. He wanted something to up the ante on his speaking business, so he hired us to do that. With Victor’s help we built a great trailer. Results: He continued the momentum of his speaking career and then went upmarket. Later, he was hired to host TV’s Life…

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The Domino Effect And Project Management

Sometimes we need to make a change to a video. We handle it all the time at Simplifilm.  Everything from the “de-emphasis of a feature,” to “hey, this is a better way to do something.” We don’t mind making the changes, but sometimes there are unintended (and trivial) consequences.  Running a tight calendar means that…

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