Now Hiring, VP Sales

Job Description: VP Of Sales, Simplifilm

Simplimedia, LLC is now hiring a VP Sales for B2B product videos. We’ve served over 400 clients, and now it’s time for you to make your mark.

We’re looking for a seasoned seller to grow our business to 2 million per year. You’ll work directly with the Creative Director and Founder in order to facilitate this.

We’re a “work hard, play hard” kind of place where you will get time off.

You will work with startup companies, authors, advertising agencies and more as you help provide video services.


We’re looking for a pirate. An up-and-coming hustler to prove themselves on our canvas. We’re building an executive team to professionalize our entire operation. Note: We’re not looking for a workaholic type with a hero/martyr complex, as that will ruin the great parts of what we’ve built.

Job Description:

You’ll create and implement the sales strategy for Simplifilm. This will include a healthy mix of outbound and inbound lead generation work. You’ll see contracts all the way from pitch to delivery, and you’ll help us grow to the size we want to be. You’ll work with us to generate referrals, do business and create a world-class customer experience.


We are a proud remote company. We’d love it if you could get out to the Pacific Northwest a few times per year. You’d be working from home, or we could arrange for you to have an office.

Experience required:

  • Technically Fluent: You know what an API does, you have been around and selling technology for a long time.
  • BA or equivalent work experience.
  • 2 Years commission-based sales success.
  • Recruiting: You’ll have to recruit on a consistent basis

Skills Required:

While this is the VP of sales, initially you will be the “lead salesperson,” and so you’ll have to handle all of this yourself.

  • Prospecting: We know the phone works, and even though we’re big fans of inbound, outbound is the king of sales.
  • Research: A few moments of Pre-call research is all you need.
  • Negotiating: we have set prices and turn times, but we do tailor each of our projects to our customers.
  • CRM Use: We like our CRM and keep it updated even though it stinks to do so.  This includes tools like Close.IO, etc


  • Commission based work (as expected), paid out weekly to start, then bimonthly.
  • Plan is to earn $120,000 or more in total compensation
  • You’ll work new and existing accounts immediately. We’ll teach you how to activate, approach and do everything.

To Apply.

To apply, go to Jobs and use our form and process, for sales jobs. Call us if you’re slick and respectful, and can find our number.