What Kind Of Videos Do You Make?

All of them are motion graphics/animated videos.

Can You Do This For Equity/a favor/a discount?

Probably not.  We discount for the following categories:

That said, we’re entrepreneurs, and you may have an offer that makes sense. Doesn’t hurt to ask, as long as you understand when we say no.

Why should we pick you over _________?

Whose work do you like better?

Who understands that for both corporate marketers and entrepreneurs, your job is on the line?

How long does the whole process take?

28-45 days, depending on how fast we can finalize things. It largely depends on your feedback cycle.


  1. Week 1: Make a brief, lock it in.
  2. Week 2: Pick the tone
  3. Week 3: Figure out a script, and finish pre-production
  4. Week 4: Begin production.
  5. Week 5: Finalize & launch.

What are the payment terms?

Our terms are typically 35% to begin, 35% at script and frame delivery and the balance when we deliver your advance copy of the full video.

What can I do to get it faster?

Work closely with your project manager to finalize intermediate milestones. Prepaid projects go to the front of the line. No rush fees apply unless listed in the statement of work.

How many revisions do I get?

Each deliverable (i.e. script) will be locked at after a maximum of three revisions prior to delivery.

Once it’s delivered, we’re still happy to make changes and we’ll inform you what costs will be associated with changing work.

Who writes the script?

Generally, we do, but you’ll collaborate with us on this so we’re both happy. We try to avoid “committee” assignments so the script feels very real.

If I have a Voice Over (or script) already, can I get a discount?

Probably not. It’s often much harder to try to work with unpredictable media than it is to have everything “handled.”

I want a :30 instead of a :60, can I get a discount?

No – it’s often harder to come up with a short idea than a longer one, and we want to make sure we’re in place to deliver a good result for you. Our minimums apply, and our standard engagement is what we call a “long minute (up to :70 seconds).

If you have a question not answered here, let’s talk strategy.