When You Get To Market The Tools You Love: 15Five

For a few years now, my company, Simplifilm, has used a really cool service to stay connected and in sync and in rhythm.

It’s called 15Five, and it’s part of the HR 2.0 Movement. There are so many uses for it- it’s a true platform.  Simplifilm’suse has been to make sure that our company stays connected, on the same page and moving in the same direction.

How 15Five Works

You give it questions.  It asks the employees some – or all – of those questions each week.

Those questions take a few minutes for employees to fill out. And they are emailed at regular times.

You get the answers in a secure form that produces granular privacy. We want to learn how people are feeling, how things are going. You also keep a regular record of things, and there’s a way to “raise your hand” without raising your hand.

You also keep a regular record of things, and there’s a way to “raise your hand” without raising your hand.

How Simplifilm Uses 15Five

We use it as an ambient listening system where all of our team can come to us with problems without making it a big deal. So if we’re doing something that disrupts the quiet enjoyment of our work, 15Five can automatically give us a chance to make spot corrections.

We use 15Five by sending out a questionnaire every Thursday. The team answers it as they can and we have something to talk about on Monday in the 1:1s we have. The genius part of it is that the littler annoyances can easily be ironed out. We can see how people are feeling.

The best part is that it is a third party. Our team interacts with the system and not the people. Concerns are not personal attacks.

With 15Five, it’s not drama, just data.

I got news that things that I was doing weren’t going well. It was nice to have this information.

What’s been really great is to get to work with their team from the beginning of their product until now. They have cleaned up their interface, reduced the friction and added features at a great clip. This video was part of their new drive and new features where built their OKRs in. (Objectives and key results).

The best thing about my company has been the opportunity to work with our great clients. This was no exception. We’re pleased to add 15Five to our portfolio and to call them friends.

So check out the video above. Or just start a trial on their website.

I promise it’s great stuff, and we are proud to include this work in our portfolio.