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Small businesses are sort of screwed.

They are a slave to YELP reviews, and the new online mob has to help to put them on the map.  New customers search via mobile, and people – even my wife – find stuff based on anonymous reviews.

But running a small business is HARD.  Where do you get the time to do it all?

Vanguard business solutions can handle the online marketing and give you a presence in social, search, maps and reviews.  They can run your online presence so you can run the business.

Please have a look at this, our latest Simplifilm.

Vanguard Business Solutions from Simplifilm on Vimeo.

Your business needs exposure online. Your focus is on selling your products and services to your local customers.

Everyone now uses search engines, online maps, and review websites to find companies on the web.

So you need to roll out the welcome mat, turn on the open sign, and get the best visibility for your business on local search enginges.

But most small businesses don’t have a search engine expert, a marketing department, or a giant budget.

That’s where Vanguard Business Solutions comes in. Our internet search engine solutions provide maximum exposure for your business online.

We get your business visibility on the best online maps, customer review websites, social media sites, business profile pages, phone book directories, and most importantly, the best local search engines.

We become your search engine expert and marketing department, all at a fraction of the cost.

Vanguard Business Solution: we run your online presence, so you can run your business. To get started…

The credits:

Vanguard Persuader Video:
Produced by Simplifilm
Directed and Animated by: Jason Jantzen
Written By: Chris Johnson with Rob Russo
Voice By: Matt Fogarty
Sound Design By: Jason Jantzen

Chris Johnson - co Founder, Simplifilm
Chris Johnson - co Founder, Simplifilm
Chris Johnson is the co-founder and CEO of Simplifilm, a motion graphics and trailer studio for bestselling authors, start ups, and Fortune 500 companies. He's a tireless entrepreneur and salesman who has tested his skills at everything from political fundraising, web development and real estate.
Since founding Simplifilm in 2010, he's become a paid advisor to leaders in many fields including New York Times bestselling authors and entrepreneurs and worked with the likes of Brad Feld, Ryan Holiday, Robert Greene, and many others.

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