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The Tech Alchemist By Simplifilm

Having cut his teeth interviewing the likes of Jeff Bezos and Steve Ballmer, Marco Montemagno brings his years of experience in the tech and tv sectors to bring you a weekly online show.

He’s got a singular passion: interviewing successful people and passing on their knowledge. He cuts out the jargon to make it more accessible to those who are not bleeding edge tech savvy, and has a whole lot of fun doing it.

He was the host for Tech Crunch Europe 2012 in Rome, and was a runaway hit. When you watch him work, his infectiously genuine enthusiasm can’t help but flood through the screen.

I know he’s our new favorite online host, check out his site and his show, and he’ll be yours too.

The Tech Alchemist from Simplifilm on Vimeo.

The Script:

You need to sift through mountains of information to find the RIGHT ADVICE for your online business.

WithOUT getting bogged down in needless complexity.


The Tech Alchemist!

The ONLY weekly online show you’ll need, bringing you the BEST cutting edge guests!

Hosted by Marco Montemagno, an irrepressibly passionate Italian who’s spent the last two decades bringing the insights of leaders like Jeff Bezos and Steve Ballmer to the public.

No geek speak. No complex jargon. Information you can use RIGHT NOW to prosper.

Sign up today to find YOUR digital mojo.


Who made the Tech Alchemist Explainer Video?


The credits:

The Tech Alchemist Video:

Produced by Simplifilm
Jeff Coles Smith: Director and Animator
Denis Teplitski: Writer
Ed Kelly: Voice
Jeff Coles Smith: Sound Design
Denis Teplitski: Project Manager

About Denis Teplitski - Director of Details

A graduate of Temple University, Denis has many duties as Simplifilm's Director of Details. A position best described as "Project Manager Plus", he guides clients through every step of the process of creating their Simplifilm. He also contributes to the blog, writes the occasional video script, and tries to learn the ways of Sales-Fu from Chris.

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