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It’s All About the Process: How We Keep You In Control

Our process is designed to keep you in the loop.  We want to make sure you always know “what next” while your video is underway.  We’ll talk more about the voice talent we use, the ways we generate concepts and everything else, but in any case, we work hard to make sure you’re in control.
Here’s the step-by-step process that everything we do goes through:

Step 1: We learn your product

First, we have to know all about your product.  We need to learn the ins and outs of it so we can boil what is, generally, dozens of features down to its essence.  We learn all about what it does, who your customers are, and how they use the product (and how you hope they use the product).  We take the time to talk to your developers and designers so that we can know the thinking behind why your product is the way it is.

Step 2: We agree on a creative brief

The next part is where we agree on some direction.  Do we want whimsical …or serious?  Do we want edgy or informative?  Pulling together what we want to convey is a collaborative process.  We create a Simplifbrief that will inform the direction and get everyone on the same page.  This is an interview process where we help you convey the voice and tone you want; this is often done alongside Step 1.

We also agree what features are the most important to share with people in the video.  Most of the time, we can’t cover everything – and we shouldn’t even try.   The essence of your product is where it’s at.

Step 3: We collaborate on your script (Not the story boards)

We will work together to create a script.  Generally, we’ll write it for you, but if you have a staff writer, we’ll work with them early in the process.  You’ll approve the written part of the script, and we can even make some suggestions for visuals.
We don’t do a formal “storyboarding” process because we’ve found that we always know more about a product after it starts.

Step 4: Pick a voice talent & music track

A good voice-over will make a big difference. We audition the best talent we can find, and we present our choice to you. When you approve that, we’ll work on a music track that matches the vibe of the creative brief. Generally, we pick the best music that will have the hits and timings in the right spots so we can animate it. If you give us suggestions, we’ll try to accommodate the tracks, and if your company has a track you’ve made, we can work with it.

We can also create custom music for an additional fee (starting around $500 dollars and up).

Now, all Simplifilms come with a custom track.

Step 5: Establish the visual look and feel

We then establish the look and feel for your piece. We get input from your creative team and get your vector art, logo, color schemes and future directions. Then we create a look that will carry through the piece that we’re working on, and start animating. Often, at this point, we’ll share a few seconds of animation with you.

Step 6: Finish the animation

We’ll then take some time to finish the animation, checking in at different intervals to share progress (and accept feedback and occasional redirection). We’ll share what we’ve made throughout and you’ll be able to weigh in on how it’s going.

Step 7: Sound design: The other half

It’s been said that a project seems naked without sound. This is true. Good – never cheesy – sound effects can make your software easier to understand, work with and can help people “get” demos. We spend the time in sound design – generally after the animation is done so things are smooth. Often, things will seem naked without the animation.

Step 8: Put your video up and watch your sales expand

Once the project is settled and approved, you’ll be able to put your video on your page, on Youtube, or anywhere else – we release the copyright so that you can use it however you see fit. You can share it internally, use it at trade shows, and use it anywhere online. We’ll render out the finished .MP4, .FLV or .MOV to whatever spec you want so you can use it wherever you see fit.

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