Case Study: Landing Page Videos For Verified Credible

Verified Credible came to us in August of 2011 with a problem.

Their landing page wasn’t converting on a high level.

The people that were coming to their site were leaving after thirty seconds and they had a two minute video that was live on the site. The video was made by a competior, and had a dry voice extolling the virtues of their service.

The video was professional, it presented an image that was, well, credible.

But they were profoundly unhappy with their conversions and knew that they needed a change. They wanted to learn if a video could:

  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Increase Time on Site
  • Increase number of positive actions taken.

These are the “hard number goals.”  A lot of other videos can make an emotional connection and enhance the brand. But a good video is going to help performance, help the last mile. Translaitng people from “lookers” into “trial users” is the job of our videos.

We know a bit about doing this -and we have some strong opinions that we’re getting to prove in the marketplace:

  • The script matters a lot.
  • Showing the product in action is better than showing a low-end cartoon.
  • Metaphors are translators.
  • Quality and smooth motion wins.
  • A threaded story from beginning to end wins.

Simplifilm Vs. Our Competition

We recently replaced a competitor’s video with one of ours on the Verified Credible (autostart video) site.  This is an apples to apples comparison – they were both autostart videos that were the primary way to engage with the site.

When we did, we improved the landing page bounce rate (number of people that leave without doing anything) from 83% to 46%.   This means that initially 17% of the people did something, and now 54% of the people do something.  That’s a 300% increase when you compare the number of people that take action.

We also improved the time on site from :30 seconds to over 100. 

That’s another big improvement.

The last video they were using wasn’t that bad. It didn’t have anything markedly wrong with it. (It was decent quality character art, but it’s a fact that character art  has poor conversions).

But still we were thrilled when Robert Russo finally shared the results of it with us.

Are you interested in improving conversions?  Even if you have a video, we’ll tell you (for free) if we can improve it or not, and what the payback time will be. Let me know – get a quote today.


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