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We’re hoping to find the best and brightest people for our team.

Specifically, we need:

  • Motion artists (not character artists – that style doesn’t convert)
  • Designers
  • Writers
  • Project Managers
  • People that can do more of those.
Simplifilm believes in a few things:
  • Respect your audience
  • Respect your team.
  • Work your butt off.
  • Have fun.
What you get:
  • Good money (better than other houses that pay contractros)
  • Freedom.
  • The owners will defend you good ideas and push you to do the best work of your lives.

We don’t do character art (and we’ll forgive you if you have) because it doesn’t convert.  Our style is seamless, we’ll create a metaphor and we’ll combine the interface with a metaphor to sell your product. at a high level.  A resume is optional.  A reel isn’t.

Thanks for your time, we hope to be of service.



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