Hustler Wanted: Simplifilm Seeks AE to Double Down on Growth


We’re growing.  And we’re hiring.  This matters to you.

This might be your dream job.  It is probably better than any job you’ve ever had, ever ever.

We want a salesperson, a hustler, a grinder.  Someone to help us grow.  Someone that can just win.  Someone that knows that it’s a fight to win every day.  We’re waiting. For you.

We’ve spent months fine tuning our process for getting clients.  We’ve spent months learning to serve them, and learning to iterate and make better videos.  We’ve developed a client base, a point of view, and we’re growing by double digits each month.

So, finally, we’re ready to grow.  We’ve got the “back end” down so everyone’s happy, and now it’s time to get out there and do it.
We’re looking for a salesperson who has some, most, or all of the following:

  • Educated.  A degree isn’t vital at all, but a love of learning is vital
  • Respectful: we work with engineers and you have to think lean and think like one to win them over.
  • Agile: what we’re learning and doing now isn’t the same as it used to be.  We’ll be improving our process monthly.  Stay with us!
  • Curious:  Being interested in different things is a huge benefit.  There are many industries to conquer.
  • Competent: Able to both generalize and discern our standards as we develop and grow.
  • Literate: Do you read? Do you write?  Do that with us.
  • Unstoppable: You’ll be very successful with or without us.
  • Resourceful: As Hanibal said: Find a way or make one.
  • Versatile: You’ll have the opportunity to both work on our products and on the service side.

Our environment is virtual – we have an office in Portland Oregon you’re welcome to work at, but if you’re based in other places great!  (Bonus for NYC, LA, SF, or Boston).

We’d hope that the ideal candidate would:

  • Sell about 12 Simplifilms each quarter
  • Source their own leads about 60% of the time.
  • Work with the project management team to do things right, and set correct expectations.
  • Keep the renewal/referral rate up (that’s our metric).
  • Be adaptable: we’re young. We’re going to figure out what works best, and it might take us awhile.

We’d love it if you’d blog with us (and have your own web presence), we’d love it if you’d contribute to other projects and become a superstar.
In exchange you’ll get:

  • Great compensation ($85-100k total compensation for a keeper, nearly unlimited earnings for a challenger)
  • A great CRM and follow up system.
  • 401k & Health insurance to be available (getting a group plan is a nightmare, but we’re on it).
  • Flexible schedule–  you can set your own schedule, vacations and more.  It’s already approved!
  • Remote Work?  Sure.  As long as you bring home the bacon.
  • No micromanagement.
  • Great people:  Work with truly great people: startup entrepreneurs that are changing the world.  Our animators are inarguably superior to our competition.
  • Stay or go: Travel options: you can travel or stay- your call.
  • Product: The best product you’ll ever sell: helping entrepreneurs tell their stories is fun, almost a calling.
  • “We’ve got your back” ethos: The co-founder is a career salesperson. The company was built for salespeople.

Our values:

  • UIHD environment: you have permission to act.  You just tell us what you’re doing by saying “Unless I hear Differently, I’ll be doing ____________.”
  • Work Is Sacred: We are here because the work others do is sacred. We get to communicate that.
  • BYOE: Bring your own energy.  We give you wide latitude to (ethically) pursue business.  You gotta figure this stuff out, and if you have energy, we’ll amplify and respect it.
  • We’ve got your back: We support each other and cover gaps.  Anyone that’s working hard is on our team and we will support one another.
  • The Only Drama is In Our Movies: We don’t tolerate nonsense internally or externally.  What we do is intense and it’s hard.  No need for b.s. or sniping.
  • True Respect: We respect our clients.  We require respect in return.  We respect everyone that works.

We’ve already been beating our competition with one hand tied behind our back. We’re hiring a salesperson now, and then we’ll add 3 more by year’s end.

By the end of the first quarter you’ll also be supported with:

  • A new website
  • Killer clients.
  • A product called Flowtility that is growing big (that we can use a little ‘product guy’ to help.)
  • An all new media site (shhh, we’re building something great, but it’s a secret).
  • Data.  We’ll have data to prove that our motion graphics, seamless style beats the generic Hanna-Barbera schlock that the low end companies trot out.
  • The Glengary Leads:  Yes, we have leads come in every day and that’s only going to get better.   Proven performers will get their share.

You will be salesperson #1.  You won’t outsell me for a while (the owner has built-in advantages) but you will have my support, my loyalty.  You will have the opportunity to go where we go.  We’re going to win.  We don’t know what medium we’ll be working in 5 years from now, but we will be telling stories for entrepreneurs and authors forever.  We’ll be doing a better job in a year than we are able to do today, and we’ll widen our lead.

Interested?  Good.

Send some credentials to  Be creative. Include in the subject line some reason why we should hire you.  Don’t need a resume, but you do need to tell me what you’ve sold, why you’ll be a fit and how you’re better than the status quo.

Edit: we’re starting with one and then we’re going to hire 3 more after the one is brought in.

Chris Johnson - co Founder, Simplifilm
Chris Johnson - co Founder, Simplifilm
Chris Johnson is the co-founder and CEO of Simplifilm, a motion graphics and trailer studio for bestselling authors, start ups, and Fortune 500 companies. He's a tireless entrepreneur and salesman who has tested his skills at everything from political fundraising, web development and real estate.
Since founding Simplifilm in 2010, he's become a paid advisor to leaders in many fields including New York Times bestselling authors and entrepreneurs and worked with the likes of Brad Feld, Ryan Holiday, Robert Greene, and many others.