Introducing The Director Of Details, Denis Teplitski


When we make a Simplifilm, there are dozens and dozens of moving parts.

100+ steps …from business arrangements to art choices that have to be managed artistically.  We have to help clients get things done, done right, at the same time we have to make sure that everyone understands…

What now and what next.

Multiply all this by the 20 or more projects that we have open at a time, and we’ve got thousands – literally – of things to manage.

We’ve got contract voice artists, animators, founders, agencies, everything that have to see what’s happening.

And, we were doing the best we could with our form driven process, but we needed to add someone to knock that out.  A polymath that can get things done, make things happen.

So we brought in Denis Teplitski.  A temple grad, would be polymath, long time blogger and power lifting nut.

His job is to make sure everyone knows everything all the time and doesn’t have to chase details.  His job is to support the animation team.

We brought him in about a month ago and there have been great things said so far by both the animation staff and clients.

We’re growing fast.

The next thing we’re adding is a sales person or two to compliment what I’m doing.  I’ll have more details on that, but in the mean time, let’s welcome Denis Teplitski, Simplifilm’s director of Details.

You can reach him at with anything other than job offers.

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