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Seen Any Good TV? Us Neither. We’re Better Than Broadcast.

Seen anything good on tv lately?

Then why is it that a lot of our competitors claim that their work is “broadcast” quality.

Really?  That’s the best that you can do?

Look – TV Commercials are mostly  the same.  Mostly bad.

Boring. They are stale.  They don’t give anyone any information.

However, the production values are generally great.  The actors, the lighting, the rest of it works.

But, they are mostly what Steve Jobs called “Ad Agency Crap.”  Broadcast commercials are lame.  Not punchy, and they are made to drive us to some website where we get no more information than what we had.

We made Simplifilm to be different. We wanted to look to other sources to inform our thinking.  We wanted to be more like Disney than Billy Mays. We wanted to  tell stories that connected people with products.

We Tell Stories – We Don’t Interrupt The Flow

Our philosophy is simple, we tell stories that move from the first to the last second  seamlessly.  We don’t rely on interruption techniques such as jump cuts to “jam information into a space.”  We want people to connect and retain the stories we tell.

So they know not only what the software does, but, hopefully why.

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