About Simplifilm

In 2017, we will deliver 36 beautiful video stories for tech companies, entrepreneurs, and authors.

With almost 400 projects under our belt, we've built the Impeccable Experience™.

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Simplifilm's Values

Our mission changes each calendar year.

Our values are built to last forever.


We must respect the fact that our clients are trusting us with their life's work. We must have higher standards than our clients in every area.


Everything about our company is open source, in good weather and bad. We are open about our financials, our process, our results and more.


No client - ever -should have to chase information about the project they hire us for. We communicate clearly, completely, and we solve problems before they happen.


We are grateful - and honored - to serve our clients. We’re grateful for our team, so we can share credit when they contribute to our projects.


Every part of every story must be told with excellence and skill. We put the designers in position to win.

Our choices are always deliberate, careful and informed from experience, and our clients see the care in all of our work.


We respect our clients enough to not re-invent the wheel with every project.  

 We learn from every delivery and make all our future clients benefit from our lessons, and put all of our designers and clients in position to win.


No customer - ever - should be asked to pay for a templated work that looks the same as someone else’s.

We make original metaphors, unique music, and from-scratch art. On every project.


Our work shouldn’t be a neverending grind.  

We want a fun process, fun projects. Even the most technically complex software can be made to be fun.


Here are some things people ask before ordering their Simplifilm.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Yes. We offer the Impeccable Experience. If any part of any project is not delivered on time and at our standards, you can get a full refund. Of course, you have to do your part and confirm or correct our decisions fast.  Details at agreement.

What Rates Do You Offer?

We believe you have to publish your rates to be an honest company. We can’t trust a company that doesn’t publish their prices, and we wouldn’t ever do that to our customers.

We have programs starting at $7999 and going up from there. See our pricing.


What is your process like?

We have a three-phase process (which ties into payments)


This is where we get a creative brief to you, determine what your video should say, and set a goal. We also learn about you and your competitors.


We write the script, get voice talent and more.


Production is where we assemble all the parts and deliver an advance copy.

Finalization & Launch

We make any needed corrections and launch this video for you.

How Long Have you Been In Business?

We’ve been in business 6 years and delivered nearly 400 projects (more when you count change orders).  We’ve taken the lessons we’ve learned and refined our process.  Our company is the most efficient it’s ever been at delivering great videos.

How Big Is Your Team?

We have a team of two principles, Chris Johnson (coFounder) and Tim Savage (Creative Director), and a rotating team of elite and regular freelance animators, voice artists, musicians, story designers and others.  We use a mix of in-house talent, and freelancers to make sure you get the best result possible.


Where is Simplifilm Located?

Simplifilm is a proud American company headquartered in Seattle, with employees in Portland Oregon, Tri Cities, WA, Denver.  We are a proud remote company. We pass the savings onto our customers, getting premier designs without having to pay for the overhead of our competitors.  Read more.