Does Your Video Demo Sink Your Sales?

Most developers have no clue how to make a demo video.  They make a magnificent product, they add in all the “little details” to make it a success.   And then when it comes time to sell it, things get rough.  Their video is a 10 minute, tedious tutorial that nobody watches.  Customers – that need the product – don’t buy it because they can’t understand it.  That’s where we come in.

Grant Griffiths, Founder Headway Themes“Our sales literally doubled the day after we put our new video up.  Thanks so much.
Grant Griffiths, founder HeadwayThemes.Com”

We make amazing videos.  We do all the work to describe your product, to sell it, and to get people emotionally connected. The difference between a screencast tutorial and a professionally designed video is huge: most of our clients report an instant increase in sales and trials.  Our videos are designed to give people a taste of what the product is about, and they are written to get people coming back.

We have a proven, step by step process for scripting, directing, voicing and making product videos that sell.

We’ll share with you exactly what we know, and the storytelling techniques (and technical expertise) we have learned. You’ll hear about products we make and when it’s time to hear from us, you’ll hear from us there as well.

The process is simple. Our fee includes concept creation, script writing (or doctoring), voice over work, animation, music backgrounds and sound effects. We’ll take a copy of your software, learn it, use it, and then sell it to the masses.

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