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Book Trailers

We make excellent trailers, THEN we use our connections to get them seen.

The Obstacle is the Way

Ryan Holiday’s masterpiece needed an historical example to support it. We picked a story and ran with it, making a beautiful trailer, and helping his book sell very well as a result.


Robert Green’s career capstone needed something with cinematic gravatas.  We pulled this together.  The trailer was spread on places like the Huffington Post, landing the book on the NYT best seller list.

The Bull of Heaven

Think it’s hard to do a broadcast commercial in 15 seconds or less?  We had that challenge and we’d like to think we nailed it. This broadcast spot was put on various financial networks.

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Product Demo Videos

With video, you can start a conversation with prospects that quickly leads to a conversion.


We wanted to make an introduction to JumpCloud that was entertaining as well as informational. It gives viewers a great impression of exactly what the service offers and what Jumpcloud is about.

Blab Predicts

Blab needed to credibly share exactly how their social media analytics engine was able to predict what people would talk about.  Our video shed just enough light  to get people interested.

DSI Mobility

Our clients at DSI had a problem. A complex app engine that leads the field, but it’s a little hard to explain.  We were able to put something together that showed its value.

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Story Videos

These videos make a deeper connection with audiences by telling a story and offering value beyond a product. Great for generating buzz.


This video introduces the people to what Breather is, and its aspirations. Rather than focus on functionality, we created a story that looked great on LeWeb’s London 50 foot high screen.


Done well, character art can be vibrant and compelling instead of cartoonish. We utilized humor while still keeping a professional tone in this video, which has done quite well for Copyblogger.


Before we could convince users to try the Indie Trip Planner, we had to set the stage and tell the story of what was already the market condition to get the audience to buy in.

What’s Your Story? Contact Us And See It Brought To Life.

Tutorial Videos

Teach your customers and they’ll be loyal forever. Tutorial videos help make that happen.


Hipdash was a special project for us at Simplifilm. In a very short amount of time, we had to create an engaging tutorial that would be presented (and judged) by its audience.


This was one of the very first tutorials we made for our own product, Flowtility. We wanted to show new directors and producers how they could use our stuff in their videos.


Health Market Science needed to show people exactly how easy it was to use their new app.  So, we collaborated with them to walk viewers through the application  step-by-step.

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Animated Logo Reveals

Way more than your text on a screen, we capture the essence of your brand.


Screenflow is the premiere video editor for the Mac.  Versatile enough to work with all types of footage – from home movies to screen captures – this project had to reflect its creative possibilities.


In order to “sign our work” on our YouTube and Vimeo channels, we made a logo reveal for ourselves.  With every logo reveal we do we want to capture the essence of the company.


The encoding software Episode has a boxy logo, and we wanted to make that into something that symbolized the almost magical ability to encode into virtually all formats.

Logo Reveals Are Done In 1-2 Weeks. Contact Us To Learn More.

Sizzle Reels

Speakers, authors and consultants need a sizzle reel to show what they do best. Make sure yours is amazing.

Jay Baer

Jay Baer is the most trusted voice on twitter. Who did he trust to share what he does? Us. So we built him a video that will help everyone know how good he is, so they can hire him.

Marco Montemango

The Tech Alchemist was a video that led to the SuperSummit, a profitable webinar based learning experience put on by Marco Montemango.  This video shared why Marco is worth listening to.

Victor Antonio

Victor does a custom keynote for every single company he speaks at. For all the dates he does, that’s a lot of keynotes.  This video shares exactly why he’s different.

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Why Simplifilm?

Here’s a look at how we stack up next to the competition.


  • Uses original art, created just for your company.
  • Inherits, adapts and enhances the look of your brand.
  • Makes an original style, just for your project.
  • Makes everything move to the music.
  • Has produced great work for 4 years.
  • Offers transparent pricing.
  • Is the most trusted, referred and rehired production studio.

Other Companies

  • Use stock art and reuse much of their work.
  • Stick with styles they know.
  • Make every video with the same stick figures or cartoons
  • Tack the music in “after the fact” so nothing moves right.
  • Don’t prepare multiple endings.
  • Don’t offer testing to ensure results.

Experience the difference for yourself. Contact us today.

Get A Simplifilm In As Little As 45 Days

While extra fees do apply for a rush guarantee, this is how the process can go.  Speak to your sales consultant for details.

Day 1: You Find Simplifilm's Site

You’re looking for a story video or a demo video. You land on our site.  You talk to us. We go over our options and our pricing – and how our choices work.

Day 3: You Sign Up With Us

You’ve compared us to others. You’ve done your homework, and determined that our process, versatility, standards and launch are the best value. You sign up.

Day 5: Goals and Creative Brief

We determine what outcomes we’re going for, which goals you have, and we get a creative brief together.

About Day 7: Tone Selection

After we choose the outcome, we need to establish the tone we want. Are we going for cinematic – or subtle?  Bold or mellow. We’ll help you choose.

About Day 10: Script Delivery

We usually take the lead on the script, but we get input from everyone that is on your team. We use both phone calls, and polling.

About Day 14: Voice and Music

We’ll select a voice over and customize – or compose – music.  We make sure each phrase sounds like we intend so the story works.

Day 14: Style and Story

You need to see how it looks, so we make styleframes and we create a  visual blueprint for you.  We will massage it to get it just right.

Production Time!

About Day 14-21: Final Prep For Production

We’ll make the timing right, get the voice and music pared down and get the production going.

About Day 21: Animation Begins

On Day 21, Animation Begins, we’ll share everything with you, but there is a discovery process.

About Day 30: Animation First Look

Generally, animation is a 2 week process, including all the tweaks we do.  You’ll get 2-3 chances to review and approve the work we do.

About Day 37: Animation Tweaks and Edits

We’ll have gotten halfway through the process here.

About Day 45: Your Video Is Ready To Go Live

After all the work we’ve done together, your video is ready to rol.

About Day 45-50

We launch your video internally or externally in a way that helps you achieve your goals.