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Finally. Get The Video You've Always Wanted

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This is the one you want. The genuine article, for companies serious about selling their products and services.

Simplifilm doesn’t make cookie cutter videos.  We leave that to the amateurs. Instead, learn your brand. Then we make a video that will spread your story and sell your customers.

The tiny details that make a video a Simplifilm.

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From Kickoff to Complete:
How Your Story Comes Together

Here's how we do it:


We take the time to learn your product, goals and vision. Based on that,
we pick a style.

The Script

Foundational. We draft a script and collaborate to make sure it fits:
word count, message, branding.

Musical Score

A completely custom track based
on your preferences (and references)
sets the tone for your video.

Your Dream Team is Assembled

We assign the team best suited to your video. Copywriter, Composer, and Animator

Voice Talent

Script comes alive.
We find the voice of your company.

Your Video Comes to Life

Your animation is presented to you in steps. Each piece builds on the next and
is shown at logical stopping points.

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